Reference ad [2.4] Implementation

Spectral ellipsometer at the nitrating plant

By order of profactor (Steyr/Austria) a known measurement method - spectral ellipsometry - has been modified and assembled within a production line. Content of the order has been

  • Design of the constructive preconditions in connection to the existing plant
  • Contact to the client for realizing the constructive preconditions
  • Supervising the construction tasks
  • Check of the fully functional operation of the method at the plant.

The main challenge has been the modification of a proofen metrology method for implementation within real production conditions:

Using spectal ellipsomety the surface of the target probe is illuminated within a certain angele by visable light. The reflected beam is inspected by spectral and polarizing matters. Due to the modified features of the beam using models of surfaces certain features (concentration of substances) of the target object can be evaluated. This method had to modified for the case that the source and detector beams have to be parallel.